Curing with Nature – Naturopathy

As the semester nears its end, the most interesting part of it begins – Final Video Project. This time unlike giving us a full fledged topic, we have asked to choose from an array of options from non-fiction and fiction assignments. I choose to make corporate film under non-fiction. While I was searching a right organisation to make a corporate film on, one of my friend, Karishma came up with this wonderful idea of making it on a Naturopathy Ashram which is located 35 km away from Pune in Uruli Kanchan on Pune-Solapur-Hyderabad Highway. Since, my insititute is located in Loni-Kalbhor which is just 12 km away from Uruli Kanchan so it was a fairly good idea to do it.

Next day I discussed it with my faculty who were immensely happy to learn about it. Next step involved taking permissions and appointments and after that  I was on the bus to Uruli Kanchan. (If you are coming from Pune, you can get a direct bus to Uruli Kanchan through Swargate or come via Hadapsar).

I met Mr. Udaykumar Adgoli, who was as excited as I was and very co-operative. He briefed my about the Ashram and sent me on a round. I told him about my assignment and talks went by. He was interested in converting this assignment into a live project so that they can also use it. I readily agreed to it. I took their brief and here I was ready to roll. I will be starting the shoot on Monday and my assignment deadline ends on 24th. I have to submit the final film ie. this corporate film and another film in the fiction category about which I will be writing later as it is still in the pipeline.

I am posting some of the pics of the Nisargopchar Ashram here which is a very beautiful place to be. They provide treatment for any diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, skin diseases and other chronic diseases too through Naturopathy which is curing through Panchatava. Panchatava are the five elements with which are body is made of. Those are Ether (Aakash), Sunlight (Tej), Air (Vayu), Water (Jal) and Earth (Prithvi).

For more information, here is the website link is


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