Animal Angels Foundation

I was browsing the internet in search for dog food for my dachshund when I came across through this very unusual thing – Therapy through pets. I had heard about it earlier like once or twice but didn’t know this actually existed. It was a surprise for me that these innocent angels do such a wonderful job.

Animal Angels Foundation is the first organisation in India working in the field of animal-assisted therapy.  Their specially trained therapy pets assist in helping children and adults learn or improve various skills and in speeding up the recovery process. They practice animal-assisted therapy in the areas of developmental disorders, psychiatric disorders, physical disabilities, physical illnesses and behavioural/emotional problems.

I mailed them telling if they need any help with graphics or film work I will be more than ready to serve them. After a few days they mailed me telling they wanted a website banner to be designed which I made for them and below you can see it.

It was wonderful working for them. I am looking forward to work more for them, may be a will be wonderful 🙂

Guess what their greeting is.. woof! meow! woof! 😀








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