Mise-en-scene is a technique in which the meaning of the scene and framing of the scene relate. The physical elements within the framework of time and space result in the meaning of the scene. The movement of the camera, the movement of the physical elements, the whole relationship established in the scene. Then such movements establish the meaning between two shots.

In short, staging the scene with the placement of camera, props, charectars, sound, lights and their relative movement depict the meaning of the scene with varying emphasis which may be clear or ambiguous but still it registers in your mind consciously or sub-consciously.

This was the defination which I came up with when first course of Mise-en-scene was conducted by Prof. Prashant Desai in fifth semester and at the end of the course we were told to chalk out our own defination.

We watched films like Cinema Paradiso, Meshes of the Afternoon by Maya Darren, Weekend by Godard, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and few other films and critically analysed them. From all of them, I feel Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Cinema Paradiso is the best to understand Mise-en-scene.

Now in eighth semester, Mise-en-scene 2 was conducted where we had to make one film which should have mise-en-scene input. The constraint was to shoot it in one shot without any cuts and duration should be somewhere between one to two minutes. Then shoot it again with cuts. Since we are the first batch of film and video and we have no senior’s work to take reference from and we were still confused on what to do..sir shot one example for us. Set was totally worked upon by sir and all of three of us which took almost 4 days and my film’s shoot was for 1 day.

These are the pictures of my shoot and also sir’s shoot
and film i’ll be posting later..still editing phase.








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1. All happy to see the set; (l to r) Prof. Anant Chakradeo (Dean), Prof. Prashant Desai (HOD Film and Video), Prof. Subhash Kotwal, Aayushi Sachdeva (me)
2. Demo shot; Mr. Lalit Bahirat (Tech and Camera) and Prof. Prashant Desai
3. Framing; Me, Mr. Lalit, Prof. Prashant
4. Cracking a joke; Mr. Lalit, Prof. Prashant, Shaan (classmate)
5. Shoot in process; Mrs. Rama Nagoda (Actor for sir’s shoot), Mr. Lalit
6. Playback;  Mrs. Rama, Prof. Prashant, Karishma (Actor), Debojyoti (Junior), Shobha (Make up artist)
7. My shoot in progress; Me, Mrs. Sanjivani (Actor for my shoot), Debojyoti
8. Me with the actors
9. Me with all my crew and cast 🙂


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