Music Video

Music Video I made for the “music video course.
The song is Hey beautiful by the solids and is also the theme song of How I met your mother.

The duration of this course was 2 weeks. I took 1 week for pre production and building the set. The set is a miniature table top set having dimensions 4 ft x 3ft and 2 days to shoot on green screen. Then I took 2 weeks for post-production. Some of the shots have not come out to be really nice because of erratic lights and also it was my first attempt on green screen.

I draw inspiration of this concept from my experience in my institute. We have come up with so many wacky ideas for making a love story during these 4 years, me and my friends..and I have tried to incorporate everything in this. Also, from Ankit 🙂

I would really like to thank my HOD for believing in this experimental concept. For once, it had really stopped and I had believed that I can never complete this..but because of him and my friend from Animation Design, Divya I am able to finish this and that too very nicely.

visit Divya’s blog:

Also, my friends Amita, Kanishka, Devika, Riya, Parvatti for all the crazy ideas to make this better and better. We may be from different disciplines but have the same bent of mind ;). And the actors for acting their hearts out. Thanks a lot!

check their blogs




Also, the alternate link to the film:

The making of the film

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