Fiction – Elbow room

This is my fiction assignment which is also my last assignment of the whole 4 year course. I would say this is the most unplanned film I have ever made with a vague concept and script in my mind. I had done a very rough shot division. I shot and edited in 3 days. Everything was on the spot but yet it came out to be good. 

The title of the film is Elbow room. The film deals with a guy who is financially not well and is unable to study further. So, he takes up a job of a sweeper in a design institute and is taken aback by the surroundings and the environment.He keeps on rejecting himself for doing the mechanical job of a sweeper where as the surroundings also reject him as he is just a tiny part of the crowd. The feeling of rejection builds on and he resorts to the rescue.

I was trying to make this film since a month before my final jury which was on june 3rd, 2011. But it got delayed due some or the other reason. The major problem which I was facing was the availability of actors because of the juries and the cleantech uniform so that I could use the other cleantech people too in the background. Then 3 days before my jury, I found Kalp and the uniform (Thanks to the cleantech head for giving me the brand new uniform) and shot the film. Also, Anurag came along and played the role of the photographer. I would really like to thank him for being there to act whenever I wanted throughout the course. Also, Kalp who acted when there were only 2 days left for the jury.

I was not satisfied with this film at first but now after watching it over I think it has come to be very lyrical..but still not satisfied. Could have done better in terms of the execution.


Music Video

Music Video I made for the “music video course.
The song is Hey beautiful by the solids and is also the theme song of How I met your mother.

The duration of this course was 2 weeks. I took 1 week for pre production and building the set. The set is a miniature table top set having dimensions 4 ft x 3ft and 2 days to shoot on green screen. Then I took 2 weeks for post-production. Some of the shots have not come out to be really nice because of erratic lights and also it was my first attempt on green screen.

I draw inspiration of this concept from my experience in my institute. We have come up with so many wacky ideas for making a love story during these 4 years, me and my friends..and I have tried to incorporate everything in this. Also, from Ankit 🙂

I would really like to thank my HOD for believing in this experimental concept. For once, it had really stopped and I had believed that I can never complete this..but because of him and my friend from Animation Design, Divya I am able to finish this and that too very nicely.

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Also, my friends Amita, Kanishka, Devika, Riya, Parvatti for all the crazy ideas to make this better and better. We may be from different disciplines but have the same bent of mind ;). And the actors for acting their hearts out. Thanks a lot!

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Also, the alternate link to the film:

The making of the film

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Use Dustbin – TV commercial

Use Dustbin (Public Service Advertising) from Aayushi Sachdeva on Vimeo.

The second course of this semester was TV commercial or Public Service Advertising (PSA). I choose to make PSA on Use Dustbin.
Cast: Sachin Samson, Divya Chaturvedi, Ankita Parmar, Riya Sirohi, Deepika Dhupar
Guide: Prof. Prashant Desai
Concept, Directed and Edited by: Aayushi Sachdeva
Camera: Lalit Bahirat

Photo Paado

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Brief: Opposites exist in relation to each other. Good and evil are not a problem but are cosmic proprtions. They were created with an intention of two instruments which can guide the souls back to their source. As human beings, we have tendencies and qualities of all the three, namely – God, humans and demons. We are a part human, part divine and part demonic. While the Gods and demons are polarised we are drawn into their battle unwillingly and made vulnerable to both. So this intentional cosmic mixture creates unintentional behavioural patterns for which we are sometimes under the control of light and sometimes dark which achieves the balance and establises order.

Source: Brihadarnyaka Upnishad

For the photography competition, “Photo Paado” held in NID (National Institute of Design), Ahmedabad, during RGB 2011, their institute fest on 12.3.2010. The theme for the same was unintentional.
No photoshoping, cropping etc was allowed. No. of entries to be submitted were 2
We had to work in a team of 2 comprising me and divya, an animation student of my batch and a very good friend of mine. Check her blog on: